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Danny Young

Daniel "Danny" Young (born 7 November 1986, Essex) is a British actor. On TV, he once starred, for twelve months, in the role of Warren Baldwin on the popular long running soap Coronation Street. He played the character from August 2004 to August 2005, until given the axe by the show's bosses due to the characters story line coming to an end. Danny then returned to the soap for several episodes in 2006.
Before appearing on Coronation Street and given a regular role, Young played Dean in Out of Control which was a respected performance within the industry and also found Danny winning the Best Young Actors award in the Drama category. (2002) and Ricardo on the CBBC series Kerching! (2003). He also had roles in the Vice, Wall Of Silence and the Award winning "Gone" (A short film) also has won an award for his part of Dean in Out of He has since gone onto appear in a few features in 2009 whilst also taking a step behind the character to co-produce the horror film expose which was Spandau Ballets Martin Kemps directorial debut.
In 2010, Danny participated in the fifth series of the ITV1 show Dancing on Ice with professional skater Frankie Poultney. He was eliminated on 14 March 2010 during prop week because of the "damn hat!" to quote Christopher Dean.

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