Thursday, December 16, 2010

Top Man

Which one do you prefer?

Six beautiful men and six of the most popular drinks (whisky, beer, vodka, Brazilian “cachaça”, wine and champagne). Which one do you prefer? Created and produced by Luiz Eduardo Petrone. Photography by Alex Baptista (image treatment by Patrick Brito). Beauty by Fran Caetano. Models Thiago Lucas, Willian Vidal, Tiago Aguiar, Felipe Martins, Rodrigo Conte and Tony Lima.
- Felipe Martins/Velho Barreiro sugar cane brandy photo
- Thiago Lucas/Red Label whisky photo
- Tiago Aguiar/Ventisqueiro wine photo
- Tony Lima/Absolut vodka photo
- Willian Vidal/Skol beer photo
- Rodrigo Conte/Chandon champagne photo

Nick Christou

Nick is 24 year old model from Athens and he loves to play sports. He does karate, judo, wrestling, gym, running and modern dancing. No wonder this boy has such a well defined body!

William Levy

William Levy is a Cuban born American actor and former model, William was born on August 29, 1980 in Cojimar, La Havana, Cuba.

Rafael Cardoso for G magazine - Part I


Peter Stubbs by Simon Le


Joseph Sayers by Rick Day


Rogerio Miranda

Rear View

Lucas Angeloro by David Vance

Adam Coussins by F Burgess

Leandro Fernadez



Timothy for Randy Blue

Paul Brumble

Paul is a hot and hunky 22-year-old model from Hawaii.

Matt Cooper

Australian Rugby God Matt Cooper

Kekoa Nalu for Men Magazine - Part II


More to come...