Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Caio Moreno



Chad White

Kris Kranz

Kris Kranz, born 1985, in from Bloomington, Minnesota, is an American model.
Kranz originally wanted to pursue mechanic as a career. His career path changed however when he appeared on "Cosmopolitan Magazine's" Cosmo's Guy Without His Shirt, when he was 19. His shot in Cosmo - golden tanned, blond, young, square jaw line, muscular - has brought calls from many modeling agencies.
Major things have been happening ever since. As of the 2009, Kranz is signed in NYC with Major Model Management and has worked with "Michael Tammaro" and "Energie Underwear".

Mathew Cameron


Michael Churchill


Ted Colunga


The hot and hairy Ted Colunga

Abel Ljoka




More photos of Woody from Sean Cody.

Leonardo Corredor

Dieux du Stade 2011

Victor Benain for The Boy

Alex Fuerte