Thursday, October 21, 2010


"The next door guy"
Want more from this guy? Stay tuned!

Alex by John Guttke


François Sagat

Bedtime Stories


 From DNA:
"There is a theory that Dutch men are the among the sexiest guys in the world. This scorching photo shoot of Maarten will not prove any evidence to the contrary. He's got an incredibly sexy body that is coupled with a mischievous grin and more than a little cheeky look in his eye!"

Ludovic Canot

"Who doesn´t  like a man in a suit? Or without it..."

Interrogation by Justin Moroe

"Something to say?"

Abel Ljoka

"This is what I call a good ass!"
More to come from this model.



"I will say yes..."

Bill Simpson

Smile baby...

Edu Boxer for Men magazine


"Like beards?"


"In the Navy"

Hot Latino

"We want more!"

Ronnie Kroell


Ronnie Kroell from "Make me a Supermodel" 
Photos from Playgirl magazine
(I will post more from this man)

Michael Stokes

"Is a big hand"

Muscle Man

"What can I say?!"



We all want to meet Chris!
A man who will give plenty to talk

Elliot Johnson


Hunky model Elliot Johnson has a blend of a guy-next-door face with a bod that is all man! 
Photos by Simon Le

Mattheus Lian


One of the male models from DNA magazine.
Photos by Rick Day and Guilhereme Licurgo.

Alex Marte

"A man on the mirror"

Body Parts

"The way to heaven"

Bernardo Velasco

"Give me the ball!"