Thursday, December 2, 2010

Top Man

Leonardo Corredor by Andrian Jutba

Chris Rockway - Part II


Chris Rockway for Men Mag. (Part II)


Corey Kirk

Dieux du Stade 2011


Rear View

Fernando Nielson


Antonio Navas


Zeb Atlas


JR shot by Joseph Bleu



Vernon Cordell


Vernon is one of The BelAmi male models.

Alessandro Calza

Alessandro Calza is a whole new discovery for the world’s eyes. The Italian web designer, musician, screenwriter and now actor, is always looking for creativity, and a challenge to raise him to the next level in his life. Meeting to Alessandro was a great experience. I talked to a tough guy, who is full of energy.  Behind his powerful masculinity however, you’ll find tenderness and sensibility. I bet with his first movie Ciao, he will be the next Italian sex symbol.

Raphael Cedano


Top Man

Diego Miguel

Diego Miguel, another good looking model from Brazil